Sunday, 8 June 2008

It begins : JUNE 2008


arghhh what a month, between graduating, dodging my landlord for rent and working on my Buddha a whole lots happened. But Don't worry I've got a flavorsome munch for you.

I've been going to Tesco's for years, sometimes buying the odd random delight but most sticking to the same brands cos I know I'm assured satisfaction. Sadly though you can't pass this technique of gratification to music anymore. Gone are the days you could buy a new album on reputation and name alone. No Sir! take Pete rocks latest installment 'NY's Finest', my 10 pound would have been better spent on iceland babe Kerry Katona's fitness video. And take Nas' past releases, there were enough tunes about Kelis I thought I was getting married to her myself....please!! Saying that I'm still gonna buy his new album, most probably because just like you I yern for the good old illmatic days. This all in mind you gotta understand when I hear the oh so recently retired veteran Roots Manuva is dropping a new album 25th of August entitled 'Slime and Reason' i feel excited yet slightly lost like Harry in the army. Mostly produced by himself The first single 'Buff Nuff' is released on 30th June. Lets hope he's starting with his worst track in the dark sarcastic humour we all love and expect from Lord Gosh, aka Rodney Smith and that its got more bangers than Awfully Deep..yum yummy.
Rant over back to the niceness.
Check out Welsh Producer, yes Welsh, Metabeats fine album 'Metaphysical' with tracks like 'Live and Let Live' its the most Anticipated UK debut for time.   

Also Two artists i can't get enough of at the moment are Natty and Nneka. New Producer/artist Natty, 24, hails from London, writes his own stuff and his first single 'Coldtown' is a welcome response to the Fuzz that's dominating the charts (hey but when did we care whats top 40). And i believe i've jumped on this before Mr melon head Trevor!
Nneka, originally from Nigeria, now resides in Hamburg, and apart from being more beautiful then a day in June the 27 year old has gotta be my favourate sound  right now. download 'love' from Limewire and check the 'Uncomfortable Truth' if you dare to differ.

Kano has dropped his new mixtape 'MC No.1', this is dope yo'll. A welcome stones throw from London Town shite, you gotta  love mixtapes for the simple reason Artists know they ain't gonna get the tracks played on Radio 1 and don't have to worry about having there creativity censored. keepin' it grimey Sway has also released the 'Dotted lines' mixtape, check the myspace link for free download!

I gotta big up my man Shlomo from the Foreign Beggars. beat box supreme has just finished his 12 month residency at the Southbank with his show 'Music Through Unconventional Means'. He made mad sounds with everyone from  DJ Yoda and Mad Professor to his very own Beatbox choir and Jazz kings Polar Bear. Highlights are below. 

I know its like a year old, but stumbled across a wicked Saian Supa Crew track entitled 'France'. Nice Video too. Check it

And last but no least a little bit of liquid DnB for you. Nu:tone has combined with UK soul singer Natalie Williams to produced a stopping track 'Systems'. If you  like this track you should also check out  Alice russell - to know this (nu:tone remix) of 'Under The Munka Moon II' 

Wow I don't know about you but I'm stuffed...Sorry for the longness this month, Show your love and leave a comment.

Remember to check this months links and videos of artists mentioned and I'll catch in 30 days. Enjoy!