Wednesday, 13 August 2008

August 08


Firstly apologises for my disappearing act last month. Just move down to the concrete jungle and in between securing a part-time job, saving rent and joining various projects mans been busy get me! But don’t worry, in response I’ve got a supa munch for your listening pleasure.

First off though who the Fuck made Lil Wayne the future of Hip Hop, I’m not hating, well I am but it’s not that I’m even brewing from the wackness of his music but more of the fact that he’s destroyed my love for Lollipops. Stop slurring your words blud. Dick.

Oh and if Mr Mayor wants more peeps using public transport can he buy all those mofo’s playing music loud on their phone a master class on using headphones. After a monotonous Monday the last thing I need is a distorted grime riddem. I don’t like your music gremlin neither does anyone else for that matter, so why must you make my ears bleed, I should return the favour and do a Van Goff on your ass. If they want to play real music they should log on to Picklesandpeanutbutta/ and get learning. Word!

Before we get started check out how young Andre 3000 and Big Boi look in this classic Outkast 'Players Ball':


Right first up we have CHORDS. I was introduced to this rhyming fiend by my man Thaddeuspuck ( The Swedish rapper is straight up Dope people, mixing thought provoking rhymes with off-the wall humour. I can’t get enough of ‘Luckiest Man Alive’ and ‘Appetite for Consumption’ feat Timbuktu both taken form his new second album ‘Things We Do For Things’. And following further research I found Sweden has a few more gems. Loop Troop Rockers made up of Supreme, Embee and Promoe have just dropped a new album ‘Good Things’ and if ‘The Building’ or Promoe's own solo releases are anything to go by, the LP is set to make waves. 
(check videos below)

I hear Dr Dre is finishing his much-anticipated sequel to ‘2001’ entitled ‘Retox’. Featuring Nas, Jay-z and Lil Wayne (yuk) and sampling heavily on live drums I hope 8 years in the making is worth the wait.

Now each blog entry I represent talent from the UK and the last couple of months has been no different with the scene making some serious noise.
Prose made up of Steady and rapper Efeks are a crew you need to lend an ear to. Reppin’ from South London with a Leeds connection the duo are proving that poetic flow over oldskool beats is still the best recipe. Dare I say their mixtape 
‘Boom Bap Bootleg’ is the best sliced bread this year, made from the same substance as Jehst’s ‘Alcoholic Author’ and Taskforce’s ‘Music from the corner’ sagas

Had a cheeky chat with Kyza (formerly of Terra Firma) at Breakin Bread, Jazz Café the other night. He informed me that he and Klasnekoff haven’t spoken in two years! Thats a real Shame, I was enjoying the possibility of more Terra Firma music but he promised his own mixtape was dope and finished, as well as a second album close to completion later in the year. Entitled? – it was loud and I had a few so fuck knows if I can remember. I‘ll keep you posted.
Oh and if you havn't got Kyza's first album 'The Experience' there's something wrong in your head! 

Another UK heavyweight finishing his new album is Blak Twang. ‘Speaking from Xperience’ features Estelle, Toy, Sway and k9, amongst others and is due 29th September. Seeing as one of my favourite UK tracks of all time is ‘U know’ I still have faith in Toni Rotten to bless us with some niceness.

Kano new album ‘104 Grime Street’ set for 29th September.

And finally been going to a lot of spoken word recently. With Hip-Hop's foundations steming from spoken word it's an area of literature that surprises and impresses. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you should really consider changing your brew! Check these word mavericks:

Polar Bear
(Favourite: Straight Outta Compton and Seven Thirty)

2 Tru Deep

Some dope tracks and albums you need in your life:

Snook & Veronica Maggio ft. Petter - Inga Problem
Mattix feat Flutebox 
(appearing at Shoreditch festival) - things have changed.

Akala - Freedom Lasso.
Nemesis and Arrogance - lend me your ear
Ghost - Seldom Seen but often Heard
C-Mone - Butterfly Effect

Recently reviewed artists:


Neon Neon - debut album 'Stainless style' nominated for '08 Mercury award.

Remember to check for my articles and interviews amongst others in the new issue of BIG SMOKE magazine released end of August. 10th Anniversary edition gonna be big!

See you next month!