Thursday, 16 October 2008

October Part 1


Ok so its August since I brought fresh flava to your ear…but If you thought I was stopping these shinanighans then you were more mistaken then that time you thought peanutbutta and jam went together.
October’s been a busy month. So far I’ve hit Blak Twang's album Launch party, baby J's BABYFOOD tour and dropped my mouth several times at the craziness that is the UK BBOY Championships. Russia won btw (photos of event soon), not to mention finishing several reviews and articles for Big Smoke.

So seeing as I’ve withheld a monthly dose, this post is coming in two parts - you can thank me later - Less ranting, although I still wanna murder the next fassy that offers me a London Lite, and more of the good sheezy. Enjoy:

 Rakim - When I'm on the Mic

I’ve gotta dedicate Part 1 to Kevin Mark Trail. Straight up one of the UK’s finest voices,  you where first introduced to him on The Streets ‘Original Pirate Material’ from there he’s dropped the ridiculously soulful album ‘Just living’ along with EP ‘Sketches’. The man makes music to improve your sex life people. Seriously if your lacking in chat, pop on ‘breathless’ and your on your way to making babies. His conscious lyrics on tracks like ‘Vibe’ and ‘Ego City’ also illustrate a man of substance and serve as another reminder of real talent not being recognized by the majors. He’s currently touring with The Streets so go check!

On that note The Streets new album 'Everything is borrowed' is tip top and everything you expected from the previous Mercury Music Award winners. With better production and all round material then the last flop, its more mature and upbeat. Trust, this is The Streets back to perfect simplicity and a reason why Mike Skinner is so unique. The track 'Escapist' stands out. 

Loving the video to Common’s new tune 'Universal mind control' featuring Pharrell. It’s the first single taken of album numero eight of the same name. Said to be electro-tinged and tech-inspired the release has been pushed back till December 9th. Chi-towns finest has come along way since debuting back in ‘92 with ‘can I borrow a dollar’ and although for me hasn’t made anything better then 'Like Water for Chocolate' (although 'Resurrection' was close) I’m still counting down the days till release. Fingers crossed. 

Another heavyweight, Mr. Retirement, Jay-Z, has got a new album ‘Blueprint 3’ dropping the 2nd of same month. Produced solely by Kanye West I’m really hoping It doesn’t feature Lil Wayne(although no doubt it will) and that I get more for my pennies then 'American Gangster', which was about as exciting as Monday Mornings.

'Hungry?..... Should have gone to'

I’ve been trying to reignite my obsession with Radio shows. Hunting the FM Frequencies again for the exclusive DJ slots takes you back to the Reebok classic and Ben Sherman days, when armed with a tape recorder as your bible you’d religiously stay up for Shortie Blitz, Heartless Crew and yes Tim Westwood. Now it’s all different, with so many ways of listening to radio the choice is more diverse then choosing a curry on brick lane!
I know 1extra first comes to mind, but seeing as it's digital there’s still something quite nice about driving through the city in a midnight haze tuning into the FM late night riddems.

Apart from everything and anytime on Rinse FM I still love Kiss late night madness. Seek DJ MK for fresh UK Hip Hop Thursday 9-11 pm , Sindan for Dope beats Thursday 1-2am and winners of the Kiss pirate clash, the jokers, Dangerous Minds Crew for nang grime Tuesday 1-2am.

For the best radio on the web you need to hit up Suspect Packages Radio hosted by Disorda and The Last Skeptik’s scrumptious Dusty Crates Radio show:

Shout out to UK:

Off Corse reppin’ for the UK Sway’s ‘The Signature LP’ and Kano’s 101 Grime Street’ are both released this month. And while they’re both better then good (see Kano's 'Hustler' video) for me two other cats have overshadowed both their releases - Evil Ed’s ‘The Get Together’ and Baby J’s ‘Baby Food’. Check out my reviews in current issue of Big Smoke for further details. But simply put, both LP’s are the illest Hip Hop this side of Pluto. Video’s of 'Ruffnek set the trend' and 'Wake Up' taken from Babyfood.

Legend Blak Twang has also returned to form with new album ‘Speaking form Xperience’ which is well worth a butchers.

MILLION DAN has also released a high-octane banger of an album named 'Spectrum' which is well worth lending an ear, and tying in with this months release of the solo debut I'm taking you back to when he was dropping hotness in 89 as mike J of Demon Boys around the same time as the infamous London Posse . Check the video, Check the sound.

Tracks you need:

Busty Signal- Tic Toc

Santo gold I’m a lady – Diplo remix (video)

M.I.A swagger like this featuring jay-z, T.I, Lil Wayne

Nas ‘Black President and Hero off new album ‘untitled’

Lykee Li - breaking up

Going out? Come find me at:

FWD vs RINSE : Grime - Dubstep - Funky House. 24th October at the End. 
Featuring Boy Better Know, Skream, Benga, Geeneus, Kode 9, Youngsta, N Type, Platician and others I'm preparing a big bag of medication.

Sir Smurf Lil ‘A New Bloodline’ album launch Wednesday 22nd October at Rhythm Factory.
Hosted by Yungun, it will include support from Jehst, Dubbledge, Triple Darkness and Micall Parksun and with Mr Thing and DJ IQ on the one’s and two’s its set to be messy. Yes sir! 

Also, Grandmaster flash hits London’s paper nightclub 25th October.

Well that’s’ it for Part 1see you end of month for delicious seconds. Don’t forget to check Big Smoke Magazine.

Oh and remember its all about Pickles and Peanutbutta.


Kano - Hustler

Common - Universal Mind Control