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So another year gone and Pickles and Peanutbutta makes it to Christmas. So as I prepare to build a lethal blockade ‘cos I’ll be dammed if I let some fat bearded bloke down my chimney. I leave you with enough oral delight to fill your socking and get you through the munching hangover.

Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Hall are creating good vibrations, sending ripples along the Southbank that transcends the bmx park and the flowing of the Thames. I Spent some time in rehearsals with the Beatbox Supreme and Foreign Beggars member last month at the Southbank and its absolutely nuts what he’s achieving with the uniqueness of this project. It’s a perfect night out for anyone willing to be amazed.

On that same string, Shlomo after the success of his MTUM Anti Knife Crime concert, has started a project working with young people. Holding unconventional beatboxing workshops he’s empowering the younger generation to deviate from the perils of ‘on road lifestyle’ and concentrate on experiencing and appreciating all genres of music.The project stems from the idea that media and government bodies like to stereotype young people especially those from an ethnic background. Patronizing them into thinking that they’d only appreciate ‘urban music’ and consider music tech as the only possibility of working in the music industry. Boris Johnson seconds that opinion in an interview from the guardian.

Caught Ms Dynamite at I love live. First of f a wicked night, with dope performances from Natty, Wetch32 and Ms bOO herself it was a night that mixed class with perfect sound quality. After her sweet debut and the disappointment of her follow up album, Judgement Days, you could forgive me for thinking her best had gone along with the garage scene. So respect to her for addressing and apologising the lack of commitment over the last few years. Her new shizzzz is hot, with new tracks from the forthcoming album switching between soulful and straight ragga joints. My faith as truly been restored in one of the best female mc’s the UK, unfort couldn't find her myspace but watch this space for details on new album..

We’ve all heard about Australia throwing their hip-hop into the mix but it’s their small neighbours across the waters bringing big flava’s that I’m more excited about. P-MONEY reppin’ New Zealand has been a dominate force in the NZ movement. His new track is a little different from what we’re used to but it’s still more catchy then Moby Dick. He also produces for two of my favourate artists stemming south of the hemisphere,Scribe and 4 Corners and although he didn't produce these tracks here's something from them to check check:

The best hip-hop group, and best live, I saw The Roots live in Nottingham last month! The mad use of a huge trombone was on point with the roots philosophy. Truly great and while I hear they are retiring from touring, to be a house band on some show (don’t get me started) I leave you remembering a chilled classic:

The Roots - Act Two (Love of my Life)

Ok brace yourself people. Craig David freestyle:

“Walk in the party, girls brushing past me, guys getting vex like they straight wanna barny, so much poonani, bottles of barcardi”… 

As much as it pains me, especially when I think of ‘Born To Do It’ I gotta say: David go home, put the kettle on and think it over, failing that go on celebrity big brother.
After being thrown a life line by Kano with ‘this is the girl’ you would have thought he was heading in the right direction. What he needs to do is sack those voices in his ear that told him covering David Bowie would be a good sequel….change the team son!

After dropping ‘Be Cool’, Wretch 32 has had a lot of hype generated around him, notably from 1extra and Choice, with Twin B saying he’s the best lyrist in the UK at the moment. Although I’m usually undecided on the grime to Hip-Hop/Rap crossover and I don’t agree it’s the best thing since sliced bread Wretch has made a solid debut here, with tracks ‘all that I need’ and ‘take this from me’ standing out. 

The album includes Scorcher, Chipmunk, Ghetto and Darren B. He’s also good live so if you get a chance to see him, go!
Wretch 32 myspace

A new artist to be excited about as we look to 09 is Jack Flash. His debut ‘Union Jack’ is in my top 10 of the year, with the huddlesfiled native making everyone on the underground turn heads. The album plays from front to back with dusty kicks snares andsamples complementing his laid back flows. It’s also a nice touch how he lets the beat play out on some of the tracks. My favourates areSleepy Little Townfeat Jehst and Asaviour, ‘Vibe with Me’ and ‘Like Yesturday’, which already have the making of British classics. Since he hasn’t made videos for these yet I giveIntoxicating’ and Four Minute Warning’. Enjoy.

Skinnyman planning to drop a new album. It’s a wonder why the seen Godfathers of the UK movement, like Rodney P and Skinny have only got the one album to their name. although it can’t be disputed ‘Council Estate of Mind’ and ‘The Futureare both Classics up there with Roots Manuva’sRun Come save meand Jehst’sReturn of Drifter’, it’s interesting to ponder on that point. Is it a fear of never emulating the debut’s success a fearful jacket that cloks the two rthmers or simple it was intentional to make one masterpiece? Why no more?
Well let’s hope skinny pleases and it’s been worth the wait. In the mean time let me take you back!

After reading Hip Hop connections top 40 albums of 08 and not agreeing with he running order I had to voice my own opinion.

Top eleven albums of year (‘cos ten’s too short) you won’t be upset spending on:

1. Chords : Things we do for Things
My favourate album and discovery of 08. No need to skip, Just press play. Trust

2. Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae : Jean Grae the Evil Jeanius
Nice review, though in short her finest piece of work.
Album Review

3. Jack Flash : Union Jack 
debut from Huddlesfield newest talent.

4. Melanin 9 : 144,000 
A real gritty rough mid 90’s sound runs throughout the album while coated in a soulful glow. The return of a great MC. Straight Dope! Highlights include Strange         Fruit and Saffron

5. Natty : Man Like Me
Bedroom Eyes, Coloured Souls and Badman complement the chilled vibe and solid debut

6. Q-Tip : The Renaissance 
Greatness from a tru heavyweight. He’s concentrated on the foundations to produce a real special Hip-Hop album nurtured with soulful vibes courtesy of Raphael Saadiq and Norah Jones, reminiscent of his Quest days

      7. Evil Ed & Conspicuous : The Get Together
My Big Smoke review - 'Hosted by Conspicuous, Evil Ed     drops a ridiculously tasty new album. It’s a perfect               partnership that best synergises on the soulful joint ‘U &         Me’ and the LP is an ode to the talent gracing our               shores, with the Crème de la crème of UK’s spitter’s           lending their support. Tracks hold that comforting snare       and drum beat complemented by piano and flute                 loops producing an infectious laid back Hip-Hop LP your gonna wanna bop your head to. Tracks that stand out include the uplifting ’BBQ’ and sick ‘ILL-Out’ featuring Jehst and Dubbledge.'

8. 88 keys : Life of Adam
The concept is perfection and oh so true. With appearances from
Kanye West, Black Milk I beg you to not laugh as you ride the killer beats and are taken through the descending life of Adam.

9. J-live : The Upgrade 
Another classic from NY’s finest. The title track is my favourate.

10. Sir Smurf Lil : New Bloodline
Tracks like
El-Oh-N and New Bloodline push this to a higher status.

11. JakeOne : White Van Music 
With callabo’s from
Brother Ali, Black Milk, MF Doom and Royce Da 5’9’ all that’s missing is the transit. The mixtape is something special too.

Big UP to everyone for all your comments on facebook, email and myspace…nice to hear my mum’s not the only reader…..bless!

See you on the other side


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P-MONEY said...

thanks for the props. I've produced a bunch of stuff for Scribe and 4 Corners but the 2 tracks featured are not actually my work.
Scribe - Babygirl (prod. by 10Aciouss)
4 Corners - Get Back Down (Prod. By Fire & Ice)
credit where credit's due.
cheers for shining a light downunder!